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We address emergencies from every angle.

What we do

Krizik Consulting Strategies provides comprehensive contingency planning, command center communications, and emergency response services for large outdoor events.

We specialize in designing and executing contingency plans for triathlons, marathons, adventure races, and other athletic events.

Our extensive background as emergency responders and competitive athletes makes us uniquely qualified to provide these services.

Who we serve

KCS works directly with event producers and race directors planning large outdoor events. We also collaborate with local public safety agencies and private vendors to pull together the resources needed to execute our contingency plans.

Holistic Contingency Planning

Our process begins with an assessment of all risk factors that could shut down an event. We conduct extensive research, evaluate each of the risks, and then craft a plan that establishes controls and protocols for the event. Risk factors may include: 

  • weather history and forecasts, particularly related to extreme heat, bitter cold, or a major weather event
  • local government requirements
  • vehicular traffic flow
  • site-specific safety & injury prevention issues
  • security issues related to crowd control, alcohol use, and site entry/exit
  • public health needs
  • access to medical care (including transportation to hospital, if needed)
  • the political climate surrounding the location and event
  • terrorism

Before the event, timelines and checklists are established for smooth operations. KCS sets up all medical, security, and event alert systems according to our contingency plan and the weather forecast. Shelters and evacuation plans are established. All personnel are trained on the contingency plan, including operational communications and emergency procedures.

On event day, we use the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as a unified command system to collaborate and integrate with local government agencies. Our experienced incident command group assists with and makes mission critical decisions to maximize public safety and protect the event’s brand.

Event Command & Control

During the event, we operate a Command Center where KCS and key event personnel monitor all event operations, dispatch communication, and manage any incidents. All event personnel communicate with two-way radios. Large, colorful Event Alert System (EAS) flags broadcast the current weather conditions all over the event course and grounds to participating athletes, event personnel, and volunteers. 

Green EAS flags are posted to indicate good conditions for an event.

Yellow flags warn athletes that they should slow down because conditions are less than ideal and may become worse.

Red flags signify potentially hazardous conditions. They are a warning to participating athletes that they should be very careful on the course and even consider stopping.

Black flags signify that the event has been cancelled due to extreme or dangerous conditions, and all participants should stop and follow the official instructions.

Why work with KCS?

Leaders in Setting a National Safety Standard—our contingency plans are establishing best practices for safety and comprehensive planning at large athletic events. We are pioneers in our field!

Experienced & Certified—we have 30+ years of emergency response and management experience and hold numerous FEMA training certifications. As athletes ourselves, we have spent decades participating in triathlons and other competitive outdoor events.

As a 40-year fire service professional, I know the value of a structured emergency response plan. Krizik Consulting Strategies provides comprehensive planning, training and monitoring for large scale events. Their plans address as many potential incidents as possible, so local resources can work efficiently to protect and care for spectators and participants.
—Forest Reeder
Fire Chief, Tinley Park (IL) Fire Department

You can’t think of everything.

Emergency planning can seem overwhelming to event directors who already have a lot on their plates. Schedule a free consultation with KCS to find out how we can help you run a safe and enjoyable event.