Overcoming the Unexpected

Event planning is a risky business. KCS sets the standard for contingency planning & emergency management at outdoor mass-participation events.

The Questions We Plan For

There’s a lot riding on large open air events.

  • Will the weather hold?
  • Is the perimeter secure?
  • Are medical resources sufficient for the crowd?

The list goes on and on.

Your Event, in Safe Hands

Krizik Consulting Strategies has more then 30 years of experience in emergency management and response. We are experts at developing and executing contingency plans for outdoor events. Our team works closely with event directors, allowing them to focus on producing outstanding events while we handle the “what if’s”.

Holistic Services

Our contingency plans are designed to put your mind at ease. We think of every risk and dangerous scenario that might occur at your event, then plan our services accordingly.


KCS establishes an event command center for key personnel that monitors all operations and dispatches communication during the event.


Using meticulous planning and prevention strategies, we work with event staff to manage risk to a minimum.


We apply event-specific security measures and checkpoint protocols to assess and plan for issues with crowd control and alcohol access.


Our nurses and paramedics work to assure that appropriate emergency medical response is in place, with credentialed staff and required supplies and equipment.


Weather is always a factor for outdoor events. KCS has a meteorologist on staff to provide event-specific, real-time forecasting and advice.

The KCS Process

KCS follows these key steps to provide the highest degree of safety:


We conduct extensive  research to identify and evaluate all risk factors at a location.


Armed with data, we customize  a comprehensive contingency plan.


Planning isn't enough. Having experienced public safety professionals on hand to carry out each component of the contingency plan is one of the many services offered by KCS.

It's better to be safe.

When you work with KCS, you don’t have to worry about what might happen at your event. We’ll take that work and worry off your shoulders. Ready to get started?